Eagle flag of the Byzantine empire


Discover Mount Athos. A place like no other!


Mount Athos, also called Agion Oros (Holy Mountain) is a unique male monastic society. It is located on a peninsula in Chalkidiki, in Northern Greece just some 130kms from Thessaloniki, an interesting city of byzantine tradition.


Agion Oros has been a secluded place, accessed from the sea and allowed to men only, for more than 1000 years. It remains the only place where the visitor can experience life as it was during the times of the Byzantine Empire. Agion Oros was founded in 963AD. Ever since, it has been greatly supported by the Byzantine Emperors and stood strong to all invasions and dangers during the centuries. Today it is a place where the male visitors can live in the ways of the Byzantine era for a few days, can discover the mysticism of the orthodox religion and way of life, can admire the wonderful works of hagiography and can enjoy the unspoiled nature.


Agion Oros is a place where the visitor will benefit, regardless of his faith and state of mind. Here, one can come closer to himself. So, if you want to dive back in time and live an experience unlike anything else, travel to Mount Athos.


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