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Holy Monastery of Zographou


Zographou is built in the southwest side of Mt. Athos, half an hour’s walk from the sea. It was founded during the 10th century by a monk named Georgios who was a painter (zographos) and this is how the monastery got its name. Another legend has it that it was built by monks Moses, Aaron and John from Ohrid who found a painted icon of St. George on the location. Its Catholicon is a more recent structure (1801) and was frescoed in 1897. its feast day is St. George’s day on April 23. Among its relics is the celebrated “not-made-by-hands” icon of St. George which is kept in the Catholicon. In the monastery courtyard there is the marble cenotaph of 26 Zographou monks who, according to legend, were martyred by the Unionists on October 10, 1276. The library contains 126 Greek and 388 Slavic manuscripts and 8.000 printed works. The monastery is the 9th in the hierarchy of Mt. Athos. It is inhabited by Bulgarian-speaking monks.