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Centuries old tradition, knowledge and the need to offer relief from sickness and pain to the fellow man, made the monks to study, collect and process the various flowers and herbs, found in abundance on Mount Athos.

After much experimenting over the years, they formed recipes for remedies that offer great results against many kinds of maladies, in the most natural way. These recipes from the 12th century, now come back to life in order to provide the modern person with a new approach towards health issues.

In cooperation with one of the Holy settlements in Mount Athos, the Sacred Hut of St. Vasilios, we are in a position to present these remedies for all of you who desire a pure, natural, alternative support of your health.


Anxiety – Stress – Nervousness

Ingredients: Valeriana office., Melissa offic., Passifrora inc. Hypericum perf., Marticaria Chamemilla


Cholesterol – Triglycerides

Ingredients: Taraxacum offic., Silybum marianum, cichorium, Crataegus ox


Kidneys – Urinary system

Ingredients: Asplenium ceterach, Silybum marianum, Equisetum arvense


Cardiovascular system

Ingredients: Olea puropuea, Urtica dioica, Crataegus ox


Cold – Fever – Immune system

Ingredients: Echinacea purpurea, Achillea millef, Sambucus nigra


Stimulation – Wellness

Ingredients: Zingiber offic., Salvia offic.


Detoxification – Blood cleansing

Ingredients: Urtica, Silybum marianum, Taraxacum offic.


Dosage: 15 – 20 droplets, 2 – 3 times per day, in a glass

of water, before food consumption.


All the herbs are handpicked on Mount Athos at specific

times of the year and at specific hours of the day.

The alcohol used for the preparation, is being distilled in

Mount Athos following the traditional ways.


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