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We have begun this initiative based in Thessaloniki, specializing in religious and cultural travelling. We are a small group of well travelled, multilingual people who have a significant experience regarding Agion Oros and the surrounding area. Our aim is to provide you, our guests, a high quality service in organizing your time here, making your experience unique and unforgettable.


My name is Sotiris Koikopoulos and I consider myself a friend of Agion Oros. I have been to Mount Athos many times. After visiting Agion Oros for the first time, many years ago I realized that over there one can find unprecedented calmness, tranquility, peace and even spiritual clarity. This has nothing to do with the religious belief of the visitor. One can enjoy the beauty of the environment, the richness of history and the mysticism of the orthodox religion. All it takes is an open mind and a will to embark on a journey back in time.


Having worked for many years in the airline business I have met many people from abroad as my travels were taking me all around the world. I realized that most of them did not know of Agion Oros. Those who trusted my enthusiasm and came with me for a visit, became themselves friends of this unique community and often return for a new adventure. So, that is why I thought of introducing to you this magnificent place, through this website and invite you over to share this experience.


We would welcome your interest and questions and we will try our best to assist you with your visit so that it will be as carefree and pleasant as possible, meeting your every need and satisfying you in the best possible way.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for your inquiries or even to tell us your experience in case you have already been to Agion Oros.




Feedback from visitors:


Sotiris’ services are recommended by ADAC, a German publisher of travel reviews. I also appreciated his website as he puts Athos at the forefront, instead of his own publicity. These were the two reasons why I contacted Sotiris. Over the phone and e-mails, we noticed his excellent English, enthusiasm, friendliness and knowledge about Athos. This was comforting to us, two Western-European, non-Orthodox people speaking no Greek. The arrangements Sotiris made and the information we obtained proved to be reliable in practice. In addition, we had the pleasure to have dinner with Sotiris in Thessaloniki after our Athos trip and learn more interesting stories about Athos and about Greece in general.

I can really recommend Sotiris for organising your trip to Athos!


Peter Vermeulen,



Dear Sotiris,


Franz and I would like to thank you for everything! For both of us you have arranged perfect walks from monastery to monastery. Also you special advices to take the boat here and there helped us to visit more monasteries than expected. We also enjoyed the trip with you in the car on the way down to Ouranoupoli.


We wish you all the best for the future and your business - it definitely adds a lot of value to foreigners like us, who want to maximize their experience with their 3 days visa at Mount Athos.


Thank you!

Franz & Martin, Vienna


Sotiris provided an excellent service throughout the process, both in advising us patiently and thoroughly about planning and preparation and in making the practical arrangements for our visit to Mount Athos.  The walking routes and transport connections worked well, and the monasteries we stayed in or visited provided  fascinating and varied glimpses of both community and architecture.


Important Note: What also became increasingly clear from talking to a number of independent travelers is that it is often extremely difficult to arrange accommodation without connections: for example, we saw one person turned away because they had no reservation and another, orthodox and obviously experienced, said that any booking often required multiple phone calls, much waiting and many dead-ends before success.  Thanks to Sotiris, we had no such difficulties! We ought to add that we have never before had such an interested or well-informed tour guide/agent to help with any previous holiday (nor expect to have such again in the future).


Mark Le May - Alec Rose, UK


I always wanted to visit Mount Athos but thought that the chances of such a journey might be very slim.

But when I explored the possibilities I came across the webpage www.visitmountathos.eu . After reading a lot of very useful information on the website I decided to contact Sotiris Koikopoulos with a first enquiry.

Already the exchange of the first emails was a positive experience. I was quickly certain that Sotiris has the expertise, knowledge and local contacts to organise such a special trip.

During the whole process of organising my travel I was met by professionalism and genuine friendliness. We planned my visit to Mount Athos well in advance and throughout the process Sotiris kept me well updated. After booking me flights to Thessaloniki I left most of the travel arrangements in his capable hands.

Sotiris planned a very interesting visit to Mount Athos. He organised also good accommodation in Thessaloniki and Ouranoupolis. I received helpful advice on how to travel to Ouranoupolis, where collect the permit and some rules for the actual visit to the holy place. Everything went like a Swiss clockwork and I was certainly not disappointed.


Even when there was a shortcoming by one of the hotels in Thessaloniki, Sotiris reacted prompt, informed me about the changes and organised alternative accommodation.


I have traveled to many places around the globe but my visit to Mount Athos will count as a very special and unforgettable trip.

One should come to this holy place with respect, an open mind and heart and will be rewarded with the sight of sheer natural beauty and the mysteries of this unique place. The monks with all their kindness not only provide overnight accommodation for the pilgrims but also granted participation in worship and some aspects of their daily routine.


I sincerely hope that I will be able to arrange a further visit to this special place with the help of Sotiris Koikopoulos.




Traveler from Switzerland (June 2018)

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